Georgia Defense Security: Specialized Security Services in Stone Mountain, GA

Georgia Defense Security offers a complete range of professional security services tailored to the needs of Stone Mountain, GA. Our commitment to enhancing safety for both individuals and businesses in this historic area is unwavering, with services designed to meet the specific security demands of this diverse community.

Armed Security Officers

Our armed security officers are highly trained and provide an essential layer of protection for high-risk locations within Stone Mountain, such as banks, large retail centers, and event venues. These areas, particularly around the bustling Stone Mountain Village and Stone Mountain Park, benefit from our officers’ presence, which deters crime and ensures the safety of residents and visitors alike.

Unarmed Security Officers

In environments where a non-aggressive security presence is preferred, such as schools, residential areas, and hospitals, our unarmed officers offer vigilant protection. Neighborhoods like Smoke Rise and the City Center of Stone Mountain rely on these professionals to maintain a secure atmosphere that encourages community interaction and business activities without the overt presence of arms.

Construction Site Security

Stone Mountain’s continuous development and construction activities necessitate dedicated security measures to prevent theft and vandalism. We provide comprehensive security solutions for construction sites across various locales, particularly new developments near Stone Mountain Park and the historical downtown area. Our approach combines physical patrols with advanced technology to secure assets and ensure project continuity.

Security officer in a store on a walkie talkie
Security officer standing in front of a glass door
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Training Services

Understanding the importance of preparedness, Georgia Defense Security offers specialized training programs in Stone Mountain. These programs are designed to empower local businesses, community groups, and individuals with the skills necessary to protect themselves and effectively manage security risks. Our training covers everything from basic security awareness to advanced tactical defense strategies, tailored to address local crime trends and safety concerns.

Local Business Security

Supporting Stone Mountain’s local economy with robust security strategies is key to fostering a safe business environment. Our services are customized for businesses of all sizes, from quaint boutiques in Stone Mountain Village to larger enterprises near Main Street. We analyze local crime statistics and specific security requirements to develop plans that enhance safety and deter criminal activity, allowing businesses to thrive.

Security Consulting

Our expert security consulting services in Stone Mountain are designed for those requiring a comprehensive, strategic approach to their security needs. Whether it’s a residential community or a commercial enterprise, our consultants conduct in-depth assessments, provide risk management strategies, and deliver solutions that effectively mitigate security risks, tailored to the unique aspects of Stone Mountain.


We offer armed and unarmed security officers, construction site security, personalized training programs, local business security, and expert security consulting.

Our security solutions are specifically tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of Stone Mountain’s various communities and business environments, utilizing local crime data and community feedback.

Our personnel receive rigorous training focused on the specific security challenges of Stone Mountain, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle local security needs effectively.

Yes, our scalable security solutions are designed to effectively meet the needs of both small shops and large commercial enterprises in Stone Mountain.

Our consulting effectiveness is driven by our deep understanding of Stone Mountain’s local security landscape and our ability to create customized strategies that address these specific challenges.

More About Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Neighborhoods and Zip Codes

  • Smoke Rise – 30087
  • Stone Mountain Village – 30083

Nearby Cities

  • Snellville
  • Tucker
  • Lilburn
  • Norcross
  • Clarkston

Crime Rates in Stone Mountain

Property Crimes:

Violent Crimes:

Certainly! Here is a breakdown of the key crime statistics for Stone Mountain, GA over the last few years:

Violent Crime Rates (Per 1,000 Residents)

  • 2018: 3.3
  • 2019: Data not provided
  • 2020: Data not provided
  • 2021: Data not provided
  • 2022: 4.0
  • 2023: 4.4 (projected)