Georgia Defense Security: Trusted Security Solutions in Fairburn, GA

Georgia Defense Security is dedicated to providing high-quality security services to the community of Fairburn, GA. Our extensive range of security solutions, designed with the specific needs of Fairburn in mind, ensures that residents and businesses enjoy peace of mind in their daily operations and lives.

Armed Security Officers

Fairburn’s growing commercial areas and public spaces require vigilant and responsive security services. Our armed security officers are strategically deployed in locations that are at higher risk of crime, such as major shopping centers and large events held in Fairburn. These officers are highly trained to handle various security situations effectively, ensuring safety while maintaining the respect and professionalism expected by the community.

Unarmed Security Officers

For environments in Fairburn that require a less overt security presence, such as schools, small businesses, and residential areas, our unarmed officers provide essential surveillance and response capabilities. Their training in non-invasive security techniques makes them perfect for maintaining a secure environment while fostering a friendly and open atmosphere in places like the Fairburn Youth Center and local parks.

Construction Site Security

With Fairburn’s development and expansion comes the need for reliable construction site security. Our team ensures that all tools, machinery, and equipment are protected against theft and vandalism, particularly in rapidly growing areas like the neighborhoods around Duncan Park. Our construction site security combines physical patrols with technological solutions to offer comprehensive protection.

Security officer in a store on a walkie talkie
Security officer standing in front of a glass door
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Training Services

Georgia Defense Security is a leader in providing security training services in Fairburn. We offer various programs that are vital for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their security knowledge and practices. These training sessions are adapted to reflect the specific security concerns of Fairburn, equipping participants with the skills to protect themselves and their properties effectively.

Local Business Security

Supporting Fairburn’s local businesses with customized security solutions helps in nurturing a safe commercial environment where companies can thrive. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in areas such as South Fulton and provide specialized security plans that address these specific needs, thereby enhancing safety and customer confidence.

Security Consulting

Our security consulting services in Fairburn are designed for those who need a comprehensive approach to security planning and risk management. Whether you’re concerned about your new venture near the Fairburn Festival Grounds or an established business downtown, our expert consultants assess your specific situation and provide tailored, actionable advice to secure your premises and operations.

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We provide armed and unarmed security officers, construction site security, security training programs, local business security, and expert security consulting services.

We tailor our services based on an analysis of local crime rates and community needs, ensuring that each area of Fairburn receives focused and effective security measures.

Our security personnel are rigorously trained and certified, with specific preparations to address the security dynamics unique to Fairburn.

Yes, our security services are scalable and customized to fit the needs of any business size in Fairburn, from small shops to large industrial complexes.

Our effectiveness comes from our deep local knowledge, thorough risk assessments, and tailored strategies designed to meet the specific security needs of Fairburn businesses and residents.

More About Fairburn

Fairburn Neighborhoods and Zip Codes

  • Downtown Fairburn – 30213
  • Duncan Park – 30213

Nearby Cities

  • Union City
  • Palmetto
  • Tyrone
  • Peachtree City
  • College Park

Crime Rates in Fairburn

Property Crime Rates in Fairburn, GA (2022)

Overview of Property Crimes

Property crimes in Fairburn, GA, are categorized into burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each crime type along with their rates per 1,000 residents.

Fairburn Property Crimes
  • Population: 16,956

Type of Crime

Number Reported

Rate per 1,000 Residents







Motor Vehicle Theft



Comparative Analysis

Fairburn vs. Georgia and National Median

  • Property Crime Rate in Fairburn: 13.27 per 1,000 residents
  • Georgia Average Property Crime Rate: 16.91 per 1,000 residents
  • National Median Property Crime Rate: 20 per 1,000 residents