Georgia Defense Security: Proactive Security Solutions in Dunwoody, GA

Georgia Defense Security is dedicated to providing comprehensive security services across Dunwoody, GA. Our team of security professionals offers everything from armed and unarmed guards to in-depth security consulting, tailored to meet the needs of Dunwoody’s diverse communities and bustling commercial environments.

Armed Security Officers

In Dunwoody, where business districts and residential areas alike require vigilant protection, our armed security officers stand ready. Deployed in high-risk areas such as Perimeter Mall and surrounding office parks, these professionals are trained to handle serious threats with discretion and efficiency. Their presence not only deters potential criminal activity but also provides a sense of security to the daily lives of Dunwoody’s citizens and visitors.

Unarmed Security Officers

Our unarmed security officers offer versatile protection ideal for lower-risk environments such as schools, residential complexes, and shopping areas. In neighborhoods like Georgetown and Williamsburg, our officers provide visible security that contributes to a safe atmosphere without the implications of armed patrol. These officers are trained in surveillance techniques and customer interaction, ensuring they contribute positively to the environments they protect.

Construction Site Security

Dunwoody’s growth includes numerous new developments and construction projects that require diligent oversight. Our construction site security services ensure these sites are well-protected from theft and vandalism, particularly in less populated areas that are more vulnerable to such activities. Using a mix of on-site guards and modern surveillance technology, we keep your investments secure around the clock.

Security officer in a store on a walkie talkie
Security officer standing in front of a glass door
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Training Services

Education and training are key components of effective security. Georgia Defense Security offers a variety of training services in Dunwoody, designed to prepare local businesses and residents to recognize and react to security threats effectively. From personal safety workshops to advanced security techniques, our programs are adapted to address the specific challenges faced within the Dunwoody area.

Local Business Security

Dunwoody’s commercial sectors require customized security strategies that reflect their unique dynamics. We specialize in developing security solutions that protect local businesses while maintaining the welcoming atmosphere essential for customer satisfaction. Whether your business is located near Dunwoody Village or along the bustling Ashford Dunwoody Road, we provide security measures that integrate seamlessly with your operations.

Security Consulting

For those needing a strategic approach to security, our consulting services in Dunwoody are second to none. We conduct thorough assessments that consider all aspects of your specific situation, from local crime statistics to the design of your premises. Our consultants deliver tailored recommendations that ensure robust security measures are effectively implemented.


We offer both armed and unarmed security officers, construction site security, personalized training programs, local business security, and detailed security consulting tailored to Dunwoody’s specific needs.

Our services are customized based on detailed assessments of local crime data, community demographics, and specific client requirements to provide effective and appropriate security solutions throughout Dunwoody.

Our personnel are thoroughly trained in various security protocols, including crisis management, conflict resolution, and specific local security challenges relevant to Dunwoody.

Yes, our scalable security solutions are designed to cater to the diverse needs of both small businesses and large corporations, ensuring all establishments in Dunwoody receive appropriate security support.

Our consulting effectiveness stems from our deep understanding of Dunwoody’s local security landscape, enabling us to provide bespoke strategies that mitigate specific threats and enhance overall security.

More About Dunwoody

Dunwoody Neighborhoods and Zip Codes

  • Georgetown – 30338
  • Williamsburg – 30338
  • Dunwoody Village – 30338

Nearby Cities

  • Sandy Springs
  • Roswell
  • Chamblee
  • Norcross
  • Peachtree Corners

Crime Rates in Dunwoody, GA

In Dunwoody, GA, the crime rate is 37.5% higher than the national average, segregating into violent and property crimes. Despite the overall high crime rate, the sentiment among residents regarding their safety and the state of crime is predominantly positive.

Violent Crimes

  • Total Violent Crimes: 125 incidents
  • Rate: 249 per 100,000 individuals, which is 32.8% lower than the national average.

Property Crimes

  • Total Property Crimes: 1,481 incidents
  • Rate: 2,946 per 100,000 residents, marking a 50.7% increase over the U.S. average 

Local Perception

  • Residents’ Sentiment: 81% of the surveyed residents (26 respondents) feel secure in their community, with a contrasting 19% perceiving a higher incidence of crime

Crime Dynamics

  • Daily Crime Rate: 4.4 daily occurrences, with 0.34 violent crimes and 4.06 property crimes 2.
  • Year-Over-Year Change: A 7.1% increase in overall crime, with violent crime up by 21.4% and property crime by 6.1%