Georgia Defense Security: Comprehensive Protection Services in Cartersville, GA

Georgia Defense Security specializes in providing top-tier security solutions to residents and businesses in Cartersville, GA. As your local security experts, we understand the unique challenges and security needs of our community. Whether you require armed security officers for your financial institution, unarmed guards for your retail establishment, or specialized consulting for your operations, we bring extensive local knowledge and professional expertise to ensure your peace of mind.

Armed Security Officers

In Cartersville, where businesses thrive and tourist attractions beckon, the need for robust security cannot be overstated. Our armed security officers are not only trained in high-threat environments but also have intimate knowledge of local areas like the bustling Main Street or the quieter neighborhoods of Green Acres. By employing personnel familiar with both the geography and the community, we enhance the safety of your premises while maintaining a courteous and professional demeanor that respects your brand and environment.

Unarmed Security Officers

For those seeking a subtler approach to security, our unarmed officers provide vigilant protection without overt display of force. Ideal for educational campuses like Cartersville High School or public spaces such as the Booth Western Art Museum, these professionals focus on prevention and response without escalating situations. Their presence is reassuring and blends seamlessly into the environment of your local business or event.

Construction Site Security

With Cartersville’s growing economy, construction sites are frequent and require diligent monitoring to prevent theft and vandalism. Our construction site security services are tailored to the local landscape, from bustling downtown developments to residential expansions near neighborhoods such as Waterford. We use a combination of patrol services and technological surveillance to safeguard your assets and ensure uninterrupted progress on your projects.

Security officer in a store on a walkie talkie
Security officer standing in front of a glass door
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Training Services

At Georgia Defense Security we believe that an informed client is a secure client. We offer comprehensive training programs right here in Cartersville, tailored to the realities of our community. From personal safety workshops to advanced security protocols for corporate clients, our programs are designed to enhance your understanding and readiness for various security challenges. Our training is conducted by seasoned professionals who bring real-world experience into the classroom.

Local Business Security

Cartersville’s diverse array of businesses, from quaint boutiques in historic districts to larger corporations near Cartersville Medical Center, each face unique security concerns. Our local business security solutions are customized to meet these varied needs, enhancing safety without compromising the welcoming atmosphere of your establishment. We consider factors like local crime rates and specific area challenges to develop strategies that protect your staff, your customers, and your assets.

Security Consulting

For those who need a strategic approach to security, our consulting services provide in-depth analyses and solutions tailored to your specific circumstances. Whether you’re near Tellus Science Museum or operating along the busy corridors of Joe Frank Harris Parkway, we offer insights that help you understand potential risks and how to mitigate them. Our consultants are experts in local security trends and provide actionable recommendations to enhance your protection measures.


We offer armed and unarmed security officers, construction site security, training for individuals and teams, local business security solutions, and comprehensive security consulting services.

Yes, our services are highly customizable to specific areas and needs within Cartersville, taking into account local characteristics and requirements.

We employ local security professionals with extensive knowledge of the Cartersville area, ensuring they are familiar with both the community and its specific security challenges.

Our training programs are designed with local crime statistics and security issues in mind, providing relevant and practical security education tailored to Cartersville’s specific environment.

We base our consulting on a deep analysis of local crime rates, specific regional threats, and the unique characteristics of Cartersville neighborhoods, providing targeted recommendations that are both practical and effective.

More About Cartersville

Cartersville Neighborhoods and Zip Codes

  • Green Acres – 30120
  • Waterford – 30121
  • Downtown – 30120

Nearby Cities

  • Adairsville
  • Kingston
  • White
  • Emerson
  • Acworth

Crime Rate in Cartersville

Here are the crime rates in Cartersville, GA, broken down by type:

  • Violent Crime Rates:
    • Assault: 1.654 per 1,000 residents
    • Robbery: 0.5627 per 1,000 residents
    • Rape: 0.2464 per 1,000 residents
    • Murder: 0.0333 per 1,000 residents
    • Total Violent Crime Rate: 2.497 per 1,000 residents​
  • Property Crime Rates:
    • Theft: 11.26 per 1,000 residents
    • Vehicle Theft: 3.911 per 1,000 residents
    • Burglary: 4.544 per 1,000 residents
    • Arson: 0.0928 per 1,000 residents
    • Total Property Crime Rate: 19.81 per 1,000 residents


Cartersville, GA, experiences higher crime rates compared to both the national and state averages, with a notable prevalence of property crimes. The overall chance of becoming a victim of any crime in Cartersville is 1 in 36. Violent crimes occur at a rate of approximately 2.497 per 1,000 residents, while property crimes, more frequent, happen at a rate of 19.81 per 1,000 residents. The safest areas of the city are generally considered to be in the southwest, while the southeast parts have higher crime rates​