Georgia Defense Security

The Best Private Security Services in metro Atlanta, GA. We have uniformed guards for local business, private and residential needs.

Our Services

Armed Security Officers

We provide highly trained security guards to protect your property and assets. Our guards are experts in risk assessment and threat identification, ensuring the safety and security of your business or event. Guards are uniformed or suit & tie pending your personal needs. 

Unarmed Security Officers

Our unarmed division is highly trained and competent to ensure the safety around the assigned perimeter. All our officers have been through an extensive background check and have training to fit your needs. 

Construction Sites

Need an Off Duty Police Officer or Armed Guard to protect your workers and equipment. Officer/Guard will provide the security you need to ensure everyone is safe and equipment is accounted for.


We provide State Of Georgia Certified Training for unarmed and armed positions. 

We follow state regulations to ensure that all of our officers complete and meet all the state requirements to be on duty protecting lives and ensuring the safety of everyone.

Local Business Security

We work with restaurants, parking/truck lots, apartment complex, warehouses, commercial stores and more. We focus on access control, surveillance, loss prevention, mobile patrol, and more.

Security Consulting

Secure your business with our expert security consulting services. Our risk assessment will identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, and we’ll work with you to develop effective and tailored solutions to mitigate them. Our industry experts have years of experience in providing top-notch security consulting services, so you can trust us to protect your business.

Off Duty Police Officers

We have on call off duty officers ready to help when ever you’re ready for your next job, lane closure, special event or any assistance you may need that will require an Off Duty Police Officer.

Lane Closures

With major work being done on streets and highways, we can help provide multiple Off Duty Police Officers and Government Vehicles to assist with lane closures.

Wedding and Event Venues

Serving alcohol, abundance of guests, or simply having an Off Duty Police Officer or Armed Guard on site for any event to include children parties.

Parking Lot Security

With crime rate increasing and vehicle break ins at an all time high, let us provide an Off Duty Police Officer to monitor your parking lot for any event to include clubs, restaurants, churches and many more.

Traffic Control

Having an Off Duty Police Officer in uniform will sure help get traffic in and out of your establishment or work site. Let us help you control the traffic to make it easier to get your employees, trucks, and drop off materials delivered on time without having to wait on traffic to clear.

About Georgia Defense Security LLC

We have armed and unarmed guards for hire throughout the metro Atlanta area. We work with private residents, local businesses, construction sites, restaurants, parking/trucking lots, special events and more. 

Our mission is to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients at any given time with a reliable, professional and the highest standard of security that fully satisfies their needs, maintaining order, reducing fear, preserving peace and protecting the people.

Meet our CEO, Joel Polanco

As a former NYPD Officer  with over 10 years of experience, I understand the importance of security in today’s world. At Georgia Defense Security LLC., we leverage our experience and attention to detail to provide maximum security for any situation. Our team of expert security personnel is trained to handle anything that comes their way, ensuring the safety of your property and the people on it.

Join Our Team

Would you like to join the team of one the best Security Companies in Atlanta? Become a Georgia Defense Security Officer:

We are looking for a detailed, high integrity and oriented person that is always looking for career growth opportunities within the company. 

We offer paid training for both armed and unarmed in addition to certifications in different areas of security.

A safe and secured environment translates into a profitable environment